Darren Colfer


Darren and Chris started going out when Darren asked Chris to come visit him during his Broadway Debut. They are now married and have one adopted son named "Thomas." They also have a small golden retriver puppy named "Max" and a llama named "Kuzco." After Chris found out that he had something called a male pregnancy gene, him and Darren started trying for another child during their honeymoon.

Little did they know they would soon be having triplets!

Sleepless Nights with the Munchkins || CrissColfer 

They were finally here. Darren had been so busy with work that he was glad he had it all wrapped up by the time the munchkins…. quite literally because he knew Chris would never forgive him if he missed the birth of their triplets, hell he probably won’t forgive himself either. But he made it and thankfully there were no further complications.

Ofcourse they had arrived a little early, which was natural for triplets, and so they had to keep them inside for a couple nights to make sure they had developed enough till where they would be okay breathing on their own.

But except for that everything went fine and soon Darren was checking Chris out of the hospital, wheeling him outside with Elizabeth and Mitchell asleep in Chris’ arms, Darren’s mom following them with Thomas and a very excited Nicholas.

"You’re sure you’re feeling well enough to go… we can stay in here another day otherwise" Darren asked his husband, biting his lip, worried but trying to be quiet as to not wake up the sleeping babies.